Negative Body Image

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People tend not to sometimes love the body they were created in because of the way the media culture has acculturated certain body shapes and sizes. Body image refers to a person’s mental representation of their body. The way people view their body mentally can either be positive or negative. In today’s society, where the media culture and celebrities dominate almost everything, including a certain way people should look, have made most people have a negative body image. As a result of people having negative body image, it has contributed to many eating disorders, low self-esteem and low self-confidence. The media culture has not been helpful with impacting positive body image, rather, has influenced people’s perception of their bodies…show more content…
I agree with the author because the media culture has influenced people greatly on body image development. Social media has been what a lot of people rely on, starting from their most adorned celebrity role models. People love celebrities and tend to find whatever they are doing attractive. The media tends to create ideals which results in people comparing themselves to these ideals. In addition, according to (Donatella 2012 page 355). “the images and celebrities in the media set standards for what we find attractive, leading some people to go to dangerous extremes to look like them” because celebrities are known to set standards, it often makes people who do not look like them, to develop a negative body image. Also, most media advertisements tend to use “touch up” photos or photoshopped pictures of celebrities in their adverts. For example, most magazines use photoshopped pictures of celebrities which are unrealistic to advertise products. These media advertisements tend to portray rare looks for the kind of people they are aimed at or what they want people to look like. As a result, these adverts have made a lot of people not to feel comfortable in their own body, resulting in negative body image…show more content…
Exposure to a natural environment can help build a positive image. According to a new multi university study, “a positive body image is one that involves respect for the body and a rejection of rigid ideals around appearance”. When people are exposed to a natural environment, they are likely to be more comfortable in their bodies. Also, having a positive mind set and accepting that everyone is born unique and with flaws can help enhance body image positively. Another strategy that can help people to develop good body image is by disregarding the popular media culture that tends to portray an unrealistic type of body size or shape. People should be confident of their body shape and sizes as no one is created flawlessly. Furthermore, to avoid developing a negative body image, parents and other family members should encourage and accept one another the way they are. When the immediate society; the family encourages and accept other family members, it can help to build positive body image. In addition, being around positive people who have a positive body image can also influence and promote positive body
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