Stages Of Adolescence Essay

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Development of humans, be it physical, emotional, psychological or social, is a process that continues throughout our lives. This process has been defined as life cycles such as stages of infancy, childhood, adolescence, middle age and old age (Mintz, 1993). Through each stage of challenges and problems, one could develop their personality either in a positive manner or negative manner (Erikson, 1950).
Adolescence, being one of the most crucial stages, is a phase of rapid growth one must pass through in life (Berezine, 1987). It can be seen as a never ending process or a roller coaster ride through which all must pass. There are enormous changes throughout life span such as change in the understanding of freedom, how one identifies oneself (Erikson, 1950), eating behaviour (Hill, 2002) and the way one perceives himself/herself (Spear and Kulbok, 2001). It is a transition from childhood to adulthood with opportunities and challenges of growing into maturity. Most of the values and beliefs are shaped for successful participation in society (Rogers, 1985). While Hall (1904) describes adolescence to be a period of “storm and stress” and Mead (1939) suggests it as a peaceful and untroubled period, there are significant changes to which a person has to adjust and physical appearance holds paramount importance.
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Grogan (2008) defines it as one's perceptions, thoughts and feelings about own body. It also revolves around the psychological aspect of forming one's identity and accepting oneself in the process. This is influenced by the beliefs and attitudes as well as perceived evaluation of others (Chess, 1981). The key components of body image are body attractiveness, body size estimation and emotions attached with body size (Muth and Cash, 1997). Image of oneself is a link between how we see ourselves and how we treat our

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