Negative Characteristics Of Machismo

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When working with machismo we can identify two characteristics that appears, the first one is aggressiveness. As we can read in the book of One Hundred years of solitude we can see that the buendia families males all come masculine and strong forward, and they own the women and everything in their paths. That is the common Latin American male, yet in the book the woman have some authority in the matter of machismo. When verbal or physical rise up then fists or weapons needs to used. They say that a true “macho” shouldn’t be afraid of anything.

The word “macho” goes a long way when looking at both Spanish and Portuguese language. This was the ideal societal role that was expected of men to play in their communities. With most of the tongue
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Machismo sexual behavior is a source of pride for males and they need to show their dominance to uphold their manliness. In this way, reputation is one of the driving forces behind machismo. They also need to take advantage of a young woman sexually which then causes for pride and prestige, not blame In fact, some men will commit extra marital affairs just to prove to themselves that they can do it. Excepting from the mistress or the wife that long term affectionate relationships shouldn’t exist. Latin American machismo males like to brag about what they did. His relationship with his wife is that of an lonely lord protector. The woman loves the man, yet the man loves other as well as his lack of emotion makes him superior as a male (Ingoldsby…show more content…
The word “Caballersmo” is a more fitting word in our world today with the focus on manliness but môre in an honour and chivalry way. The translation of this word, is literally knightliness, and the more common word we know today gentleman ship which is its figurative translation. (Mayo,1996:389) Latin American scholars have brought up the fact that the positive attributes of machismo is a lot like the characteristics associated with the concept of caballerismo. Although understandings of machismo aren’t all negative they do involve honour, responsibility an courage. Latin American men understand the concept of masculinity which helps them with the following attributes, responsibilities, politeness, respect for women 's autonomy, and non-violent attitudes and behaviors. So when we look at some meaning of machismo, is that there is positive meaning to the world and in this world its not just grouped up with negative things like a common Latin American
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