Kübler-Ross Model

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A 35-year-old man who is a fireman was dead and left his wife and 15-year-old son due to fire accident in an industrial building. His wife changes a lot in her behaviour, appearance and emotion since the death of his husband. His son, Tim also facing challenges after the death of his father. In this essay, Kübler-Ross model will be introduced in order to help Wu’s family. Besides, the severity of the matter for Mrs. Wu and Tim in psychological and social aspects, the strategies of therapeutic communication used and resources related psychological and financial support are going to be mentioned in the following parts.

In this case, Kübler-Ross model can be used for taking care of Mrs. Wu and her son. Kübler-Ross model is used to describe the
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The objectives of using therapeutic communication strategy are to support and gain the trust of the clients, promote healing and enhance functioning (Shelton, 2005). Without trust between nurses and clients, clients would not willing to share one 's feeling. As a result, no one can provide appropriate support to them. Thus, verbal and nonverbal communication should be pay attention. In this case, facial expressions, posture and physical barriers should be noticed (Evans, 2003). Giving touch in an appropriate place and time can promote positive effects as it can set up affinity and a therapeutic bond amongst nurses and patients. For instance, holding her hands can bring the sense of caring. Shives (2009), pointed out that an appropriate touch to someone who is grieving or depressing means a gesture of concern. Be aware of client’s facial expression is useful in collecting clues of emotional reactions and needs that a client might be reserved to express…show more content…
Wu and Tim to go through the grief and bereavement process, resources of psychological support and financial support in the local health care system and in the community are needed. Health care system services provided in Hong Kong classify into public, private and non-governmental organization. In psychological aspect, providing grief counselling services by any one of them is essential in dealing grief and bereavement process. Basically, The Hospital Authority provides psychological intervention, including grief counselling and drug treatment for those who have hallucinations or depressive symptoms (The Institute of Mental Health Castle Peak Hospital, 2016). Apart from the services of The Hospital Authority, non-governmental organizations also offer bereavement counselling services. For example, The Comfort Care Concern Group (CCCG) and The Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care offer a range of bereavement support through individual or group support. The group “Towards a Brighter Day” is used as an illustration of counselling service for bereaved women (The Comfort Care Concern Group,

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