Negative Consequences Of Gender Stereotypes

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Men and women are typically stereotyped and portrayed differently bythe media. Evaluate ways in which negative consequences of this couldbe reduced.
Mass media, such as advertising, news industries and entertainment, usuallyportrays men and women with stereotypes, in which women and girls are likelyto be placed in disadvantaged situations, for example passive and submissiveroles. While men and boys are depicted to be more concerned with theiroccupations and are more likely to be successful. As a consequence, traditionalgender roles and power relations have been deeply interiorized in people’ s sub
-consciousness through the mass media which limit the development of bothhuman personalities and social equality. In this essay, two solutions of reducingnegative consequences of gender stereotypes will be presented and be evaluatedusing the criteria of difficulty, range and impact.When children view advertisements on television, they are exposed to theimages which are stereotypical representations. For example, little girls inadvertisements are usually pictured playing with Barbie dolls in their bedrooms.However, in advertisements, boys have more freedom and play with actionfigures. Consequently, people can take it for granted easily that girls and boysshould be educated differently. It is normal for girls to be gentle and concernwith being beautiful and popular, while boys are encouraged to be aggressiveand consider more about their career than appearance. Therefore, children

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