Globalization: Positive And Negative Consequences To The World

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Discussion Forum Unit 8
1. Do you believe that globalization brings more positive benefits or more negative consequences to the world? Why or why not?
2. Do you believe that the negative consequences could be controlled? Why or why not?
3. What do you think should be done?

My Thoughts on Globalization
I believe that globalization brings more positive benefits the world than negative consequences. The global development witnessed in both the developed and developing worlds would not have been possible without globalization.
Globalization brings many positive benefits but also brings some negative consequences. I strongly believe that these negative consequences can be effectively controlled and managed to a level that it will have little
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Food-borne Diseases: Due to consumer preferences, cheaper foreign production and the increased access to foreign markets because of trade agreements, there is a vast increase in the international food trade. This trend can lead to the exposure and transmission of infectious diseases. Infectious agents can be transported along with the food products. This is gravely dangerous when some of these food products are consumed with little or no cooking.

iv. Urbanization: Globalization leads to the development of infrastructures and creation of jobs in urban centres. The infrastructures and jobs leads to migration from the rural areas to the urban areas. Also, rural areas can evolve into urban areas through urbanization process which is sometimes aided by globalization. Diseases are easily spread in urban areas due to the high density population there. This means that more people share less space and facilities. This situation aids the spread of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, ebola, malaria, etc.

v. Climate Change: Climate change is mainly caused by human activities which are exacerbated by the massive use of modern technologies made possible by globalization. Effects of climate change such as increased rainfall and flooding leads to the spread of malaria and respiratory
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