Negative Consequences Of Standardized Testing

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I have had the opportunity to live in two different countries and engage in two different cultures. Throughout my life, I have met people from various backgrounds. I had the opportunity to learn about different lifestyles and see how different these lifestyles were from my own. As I started to reflect on my life, I began to think about my own ethnicity and background. My strong, Mexican American, single mother made me appreciate my Mexican American heritage. As a child, however, I never really thought about how my race and ethnicity affected my schooling or how lucky I was to attend a school with no standardized tests. I attended a private catholic school, where education was fun and engaging. We were never exposed to the stress that standardized testing brought about. Teaching was not as complex as it is today. However, the quality of education was still the same if not better. I believe that standardized testing is lowering this quality of education for our students and putting too much pressure on teachers and parents. However, I am mainly going to focus on how standardized testing is affecting parents and teachers today. Passion The number of standardized test in the U.S.…show more content…
There have been many students done about how standardized testing affects teachers and parents. These studies have found both positive and negative effects that has been created and mandate by the state-mandated assessments. However, the effects are mostly negative. These studies show that standardized testing has indeed created pressure amongst parents, teachers, and school leaders. Parents, like myself, are very concerned because standardized testing has placed great pressure on our children to perform well. The test makes our children feel worried, which also makes them do poorly on the
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