Negative Criticism Of Video Games

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The video company is facing a huge criticism because of the video games that it is developing. Many feel that it is a negative impact on the kids. IF the negative opinion of the public increases it would affect the sales. Mouth to Mouth negative ness about the games would be of more impact. Negativeness is contagious and spreads like a wildfire, so has to be mitigated before a huge damage is done. There is always good and bad in the society we live in. I don’t say we need to create bad specifically to spoil the kids. It always depends on the kid’s maturity level, of what he can see and what he shouldn’t. The parents have the responsibility to select and choose as per the kid stamina. Some are vulnerable to what they see, but some know that it is only a game. Too much of anything is extremism. Too much of faith in religion (terrorism), too much of eating (obese), too much of dieting (anorexia). Anything in moderation is always what is needed and this is a good example, that kids can play what they like, but in moderation. Parents with love on their children will always think that they would never be bad, and forget to take precautions that they need to take. Kids are delicate and they have to handle with utter care, gauge them, love them, follow them, correct them and most important thing, take time to spend time with them and play. There are many ways that video games help kids in their day to day life As I entered home, my not even 4 year old came to me shouting “Mom –I am
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