Negative Dangers Of The Internet

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This essay will discuss how “the internet is dangerous and a predominately negative influence in the lives of children.” It will primarily focus on cyberbullying, paedophilia, and gaming in the light of the above statement. The internet holds huge potential for the children and teenagers in the world; however, the misuse of the internet causes serious problems which require powerful actions from legislators, communities and parents. (Wolak et al, 2006) The use of the internet is on the increase in the lives of young children today. We see this through the benefits of school work, online gaming, and social networking, which are among the most popular activities online. With these benefits comes huge threats and dangers which parents should be…show more content…
It is caused by the misuse of technology within society. Cyberbullying is not a form of bullying against a particular gender, race or religion. It can be forced against any child. Cyberbullying is not only done online through the internet, but it can also be done through text message using a mobile phone. (Internet Society) Social networking gives the ability to communicate with friends, organise social events and provide a connection to people who are distant from one another. Unfortunately it can become an open space where humiliation, intimidation and threats often occur. Social networking is one of the main areas where cyberbullying strongly occurs. According to the i-Safe Foundation over 50% of children and teenagers have been victims of cyberbullying. More than 25% of these children and teenagers have had ongoing threats, humiliation and intimidation through the internet or through their mobile phones. Unfortunately with these outrageous numbers the victims of cyberbullying don’t tell anyone that the bullying has occured. The build-up of anxiety caused by the bully can lead to depression or even a case as severe as suicide for the victim. The victims of cyberbullying are more than likely to have suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts compared to non-victims. Suicide is the most severe consequence of cyberbullying. It is extremely worrying in the world where technology and internet are advancing daily. There have been many cases where suicide has captivated the life of the victim. This was evident when the tragedy of 13 year old Donegal school girl Erin Gallagher took her own life due to a severe case of cyberbullying. Only weeks later finding Erin’s 15 year old sister Shannon ending her own life. Erin had been a victim of cyberbullying on the controversial site (Irish Times, 2012) This site

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