Negative Disadvantages Of Facebook

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Facebook is a famous social networking site that makes it easy to connect and socialize with family, friends and even strangers online. Through this site, the world feels closer since it can link you to people from thousands of miles away in just a click. And because of its popularity, other websites collaborated with Facebook. This means a single Facebook account can sign in to different services through the Web. Since then, Facebook has experienced intense growth and reached more than a billion users and is still growing swiftly. Facebook can be very beneficial but spending too much time on it can ruin a person’s life too. Although Facebook helps in connecting and communicating with people across the globe, it also has negative effects because…show more content…
People now considers Facebook as their personal diary. giving too much information. They publicly publish their status that are meant to be private. It can be life-threatening at times because a lot of people will know your whereabouts especially stalkers. “For example, a simple thing like a status message saying that you’ll be on vacation for the next week is like inviting burglars to rob your house.” (Umar, 2014) Another thing is that account intrusion is common today and we shouldn’t be surprised that Facebook is prone to attacks. A lot are victimized by hackers by changing the victim’s personal information. They hack someone else’s account, replacing their personal information and posting false statuses and news. According to Kavita Iyer (2016), there are ways on how hackers hack accounts: phishing, social engineering and etc. In phishing, the hacker creates a fake log in page similar to the Facebook page and they ask the victim to log in to that fake Facebook page providing the hackers personal information such as email address and password from the victim. In social engineering, hackers can simply invade to your account if you have a weak password such as your mobile number. Visiting to suspicious sites or links will be easier for the hacker to steal your personal

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