Negative Disadvantages Of The Millennials Generation

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There a set of issues that arise when people from different background have to undertake projects together. Because people grew up in different environments, they obey different social norms and rules. However, people do not have to come from the various countries or even different cultures. The cultures evolve, merge together and transform, simply because the world is changing at a rapid pace. Individuals from the same place but ten years apart are very likely to be different in all possible dimensions. Therefore, the employers need to consider those variables when constructing a team. Baby Boomers and Millennials would respond differently to the same stimuli. In fact, the motivator that works for one demographic does not guarantee the same reaction from another group. Even further, there is an increased possibility of tensions between members of different demographics, in that, the values systems are likely to misalign. For instance, there is are a lot of negative characteristics of the Millennials generation discussed in the famous article of Times magazine called "The Me Me Me Generation." The author elaborates on a wide range of unfavorable characteristics, such as extreme narasasism, fame obsession, the overconfidence of the impeccability of their morality, laziness, and lack of willingness to take on responsibilities. However, the majority of the Millennials are in the earlier stages of their lives, so the is a larger percentage of them, who still did not transfer

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