Positive Dog Training Vs. Negative Training

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The Power of Negative vs. Positive Although only positive dog training has been deemed the most humane and valid way to train dogs, a mix of positive and negative training is more effective and lasts longer. Sadly, our world has a very bad perspective of what negative dog training is. People have one bad experience with one bad trainer and think all negative dog trainers are as cold as the original might have been. What people don’t see is how wrong their first impression could have been and how much of a struggle it is to keep a common understanding of what the term “negative” means in dog training. Negative dog training used correctly with positive dog training is the best way to have a well behaved and loyal dog.
Dog training is an art
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Just positive dog training is very respected by people and almost all dogs are highly food motivated so taking an all positive approach is valuable and is great to start the dog with training experience so that they get the feel of what a person is wanting them to learn. The approach gets the attention of the dog which is great but there are so many distractions and it is very plausible that a high distractor comes by and because of this the dog falls back into the old routine because their attention had been taken away from the trainer. This is why negative dog training is more beneficial. When this happens a correction is very helpful to regain control of the situation. Without the correction depending on where you were doing the training, a store, outside, or around other dogs, you could have had to chase the dog with clicker or treat attempts which would likely be unsuccessful the first couple tries unlike the correction since the correction immediately puts the dogs attention back on the trainer. This is why including negative dog training is more effective than only or just positive dog training.
One of the reasons negative dog training is so looked down upon is that most people do not understand what a correction is. People have plainly stated, dogs have emotions and that when a person makes
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Leadership is a big role in getting along with your dog. Dogs are pack animals and there are three positions in every pack. The first and front is considered the alpha. The alpha protects the pack and maintains the rules and boundaries of the group. The middle is the SORRY NICK I KEEP FAILING YOU BUT I KNOW YOU’LL HELP ME. Lastly, there is the back of the pack dog type. This dog is the most sensitive and is the one who informs anyone else of any danger. If a trainer or handler is not the alpha that immediately makes the person’s dog have to step up. When a back of the pack dog not meant to be alpha has to step up to that position that is when issues occur including, aggression, fear, nipping, etc. A dog person would apply even the tiniest bit of the alpha technique because this will help the dog be more confident and have it have less or no series of acting

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