Facebook's Negative Effects On Teenagers

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Originally, Facebook was not created for everyone. Its creator, Mark Zuckerberg, made this site solely of Harvard University students for them to be able to look up other students. This site quickly became known to them and only a few days after it launched, most of the students had a Facebook profile and it was their main topic throughout the school (Kirkpatrick 30-31). Eventually, Facebook spread worldwide. As the world progressed and developed new technology, one of the main concerns is how it affects people’s social lives, particularly their social skills. Facebook is mostly used by teenagers, and it has yet to be shown how this site affects their social skills. While some may say that Facebook has a negative effect on a teenager’s social…show more content…
says otherwise. The survey indicated that Facebook and other social networking sites allowed them to communicate with others and augmented both personal and online interactions. These sites are found to be very useful for others, since they are able to partake information and keep in contact with people whom they do not get to meet. Also, another interesting discovery from the survey was that even timid people are being encouraged by these sites to interact with others (“The Social and Psychological Impact of Online Social Networking” 2-4). This survey contradicts the previous study that Facebook is a problem for people with low self-esteem. In contrast, they are actually given opportunities to interact with other people. Some of them choose to just message their peers, but others actually choose to meet their friends and plan these through…show more content…
However, one thing to think about is how the world was before, when Facebook was not yet created and when technology has not yet influenced society. When teenagers needed someone to talk to, they would approach or meet with their friends. In the world today, this does not usually happen because of the many ways wherein people are able to talk to others without having to meet them. One of the most used tools for communication today is Facebook, and it has yet to be ensured that this can help the social skills of teenagers. At present, maintaining balance between personal and online interactions is needed for teenagers. They should not rely on Facebook to be able to talk to other people and instead, they should also practice their social skills because it would really be a benefit to them in the

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