Negative Effect On Video Games

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It has always been a popular misconception that media and all its channels of distribution have a negative impact on the development of its consumers, that there is a link between people with low intelligence and how much TV they watch or how much time they spend on the Internet or playing video-games. This has usually been the case with popular culture; its benefits have rarely been considered or have been overshadowed by their “damaging” effects. However, in recent years, things have started to change; people are realizing the advantages of popular culture and I will use, in this paper, proper arguments to show that media can actually impact in a positive way the development of the human brain; that it can shape people’s personalities and help the individual discover, improve and perfect skills he or she would otherwise be unaware of. The popular consensus on video-games and the cognitive and social benefits they actually provide Games have always been part of our culture. From ancient times and up until today, people have been playing games. More recently, however, video-games have been invented and, ever since, they have been the “black sheep” of popular culture. Even today, when the gaming industry is booming and it is worth even more than the Hollywood film industry (a claim people playing video games love to bring up), games are still highly criticized. They are thought to be the “escape” from the daily routine of the lazy person. “Why not read a book”, people will
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