The Impact Of Words In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein does a fantastic job showing us just how much of an impact our words and actions can affect a person 's personal development. In fact when you think about the era that this story was written and published in I think it’s far ahead of its time. In the early 1800’s there was very little if any idea how much someone 's actions and words could affect someone. Incidentally there is no time limit for when the effect on a person can take place, it could start at the time of abuse or years down the line. Presently there are plenty of stories online that show the terrible impact abuse and bullying can have on a person/persons. From instances like Columbine to people like Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy there are countless…show more content…
In Gacy’s early life he was the victim of his father’s scorn being beaten constantly by his father with a razor strop. A couple instances know would be when he stole a truck when he was 6 and his father beat him for it, one other told instance of abuse was when John and another boy were accused of molesting a little girl where his father again beat him with his trusty strop. However it wasn’t just physical abuse he was given his father also emotionally abused him calling him a failure telling him he was dumb and stupid. Gacy was an ill boy born with a heart defect leading him to be hospitalized most of his life from ages 14 to 18, where his father accused him of faking everything. The abuse was so bad that when Gacy was molested by a family friend he suffered in silence. Gacy was so scared about what his father would do he chose to keep quiet. John Wayne Gacy was guilty of killing 33 people mostly teenage boys and burying them under his house. He got most of his victims by dressing up as pogo the clown. In conclusion I fully believe that that abuse and bullying have a lot to do with how a person reacts. Ultimately it would be the argument Nature vs Nurture. While I don’t believe that abuse is the only thing that leads to actions like this is does have a major effect on many notorious serial killers. So in the case of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein it would make sense that people 's reactions and treatment of the creature could lead to the cause of the actions the creature took in the
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