Negative Effects In The Crucible

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Many people can go throughout there day and make an impact on so many people’s lives without realizing it well. Some can be good, but some impacts can be very cruel and harsh. Those people who don’t care, will do anything to get what they want no matter what they do to your life. Well that’s what happened in the story The Crucible a 17 year old girl named Abigail Williams had fell in love with a married man, who was just in a rough part of his life. His wife’s name is Elizabeth Proctor who at the time was very ill . Well Abigail lived with John and his wife Elizabeth as a house maiden and overtime she started falling for John who at the time was taking his wife’s illness pretty bad. “Abigail Williams grew up in an orphanage because her parents were murdered in front of her by Native Americans during a raid” (The Crucible). She watched…show more content…
According to Charles Mccardel“ He withholds the truth, but finally admits to his transgression. He does this partly to ease his conscience, but also (he hopes) to save his hide and protect his loved ones amid a witch hunt that's running out of control.” Even though he tells Elizabeth what he had done with Abigail without her having to find out through somebody else she does not trust him anymore. It hurts her so bad it is hard for her because what she thought was a good, loving, caring man actually turns out to be a no good cheater. He tries to make up for what he did through the years. No matter what he did she could never fully trust him , it could never be like it use to be. Just when she finally starts trusting him again he tells her he went to town and just so happens to see Abigail he tells his wife him and Abigail were alone together she is shocked by what he says because after he tries to gain his trust back for so long he’s like yeah and we were alone together she ask for how long he said only for a second there were a lot of people around.It does not matter if it was only a second or
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