Negative Effects Of Abortion On Human

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Negative Effects of Abortion on Humans

Last weekend, when I was sitting at the doctor’s clinic waiting for my turn, I accidently heard two women speaking about the benefits of abortion and that it should be legalized. Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy by removing the fetus or the embryo from the uterus. Some countries have actually legalized abortion and this lead to an increase in the number of surgeries done. Abortion is and has been a social, cultural, and traditional conflict for several years. Some agree with this idea because we are responsible for our decisions concerning our bodies. Other argues that it is a crime and the embryo or the fetus is considered a living organism that shouldn’t be killed. Abortion should be
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“One would also expect a decline in the number of birth because at least some women who would have been deterred from seeking an illegal abortion would want to terminate their pregnancies by abortion if it is legal” (Tietze, 1975, p.123). The number of newborn will decrease because more women would undergo an abortion if it was legalized. This will have a major effect on population growth. Population growth is made up of the number of people born minus the number of people dead. Then decreasing the number of newborn will decrease population growth. Abortion has another effect on population growth, which is increasing the death rate. Abortion, like any surgery, has its own risks. Since abortion is risky, then this might increase women’s death rate. Consequently, population growth will decrease because abortion will decrease the number of newborn and increase the death rate. Low population growth has also major effects on society as a whole. The society would be a senior society because the number of newborn is reduced due to abortion. A senior society lacks creativity, innovation, and a young labor force. Abortion should be illegal because of its negative effect on population growth and society as a…show more content…
Unfortunately, sometimes the mother would interrupt her own pregnancy because she doesn’t want the child or because pregnancy might deform her body. “Criminal abortions are unlawful abortion, i.e., the interruption of pregnancy by the mother herself or any other person” (Fisher, 1951, p.243). The definition of a crime is that a crime is a harmful act. Consequently, abortion is a crime since we are harming the mother and the child. Legalizing abortion means that we are encouraging crime. Thus, we are reflecting a bad, cruel, and unethical image of our society. Another reason for considering abortion a crime is the severe, cruel, and inhumane methods used. “Methods by which criminal abortion may be performed… physical method…., chemical method…” (Fisher, 1951, p.244). All abortion methods are cruel and unsafe for both the mother and the child. In addition to that, these methods may be more painful for the child than his/her mother. Even though, some women argue that abortion is more painful than delivery. The most method used during an abortion is cutting the fetus organs into smaller parts and cracking his head in order to be easily removed from the uterus and it wouldn’t scratch any tissue during the removal process. There are also methods applied by women at home, these methods are more dangerous because there is no medical supervision or treatment. Some women couldn’t afford surgery or they

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