Negative Impacts Of Absent Fathers Essay

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The Negative Impacts of Absent Fathers In a household the role of men is quite simple: most men are the breadwinners in their home, they discipline their children and they provide protection and safety. As it is, men are known to build a stable foundation in the home and to provide all the necessary nurturing it needs. On the other hand, with the absence of a father brings forth a different idea of how the home is likely to operate. In the article, “The Nine Devastating Effects of Absent Fathers”, (The Father Code, 2018), David Blankenhorn states that “Fatherlessness is the most harmful demographic trend of this generation”. He says that if the absence of fathers continue to be a trend in families, it will change the way society shapes completely. This connects to my argument because although…show more content…
Fathers are known to carry the weight of the home and ensure that there is stability in income and health. Hence the reason, with their absence the household faces a trend in economic downfalls and behavioral problems from the children. Without the presence of fathers, there is no one there physically to manage the norms in the home and the income. This is the engine to most social problems because fatherlessness drives out factors of children learning to be respectful and wise to older individuals. Children are forced to put up walls to hide behind because they feel too unfitted to be amongst others who have fathers. An article that completes my point is, “Yes, Father Absence causes the problems it’s associated with”, (Institute for Family Studies, February 4, 2014), because Anna Sutherland exclaims that your choices play a significant role in the association between family structures and child outcomes but father absence does have lasting, effects on children’s life
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