Negative Effects Of Acid Rain

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There is no question that acid rain has had a profound impact on the environment and on human lives. In this essay I will discuss the uneven distribution acid rain as well as the negative and positive effects thereof. If we talk about acid rain we have to know exactly what acid rain is. Acid rain is a combination of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, oxygen and water that creates a diluted mixture of sulfuric acid and nitric acid in the atmosphere. This mixture can be deposited in a number of ways which includes rain, fog, mist, snow and even dust.
Acid rain is not distributed evenly across the world because the industrial development of countries is not the same. Acid rain is formed mainly from burning fossil fuels by industries like coal-burning power stations and factories. These factories send tons of pollution into the air where acid rain is formed. Our first thought would be that countries that are heavily industrialized would suffer most from acid rain and that other less industrialized countries would have little to no acid rain, but that is not always the case. Pollutants can be carried many miles on air currents to other countries were they are deposited as acid rain. Although Scandinavia is not a heavily industrialized region it suffers from acid rain that is mostly attributed to Western Europe and more especially to Great Britain (Park 1987:17). This is a prime example of how heavy industry in one region results in acid rain in another region hundreds of miles away

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