Negative Effects Of Advertising

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Flashy pictures, bright colors, and bold messages all work together to create the eye-catching advertisements that companies use in order to lure customers to buy their products. In this day and age, ads surround Americans almost everywhere they go. Because companies want to persuade people as effectively as they can to buy their products, they continually look for new ways to advertise their goods. Over the years, advertisers have learned that children hold a strong sway over the spending of their parents’ money. In Made You Look, a book about how advertisements work, the author, Shari Graydon, mentions, “Some marketers estimate that kids have a say in close to $300 billion worth of their parents’ spending” (18). Because of this influence kids have over their parents, companies have taken advantage of it and have started creating many of their ads with a younger audience in mind. However, even though advertisers might have a younger audience in mind, they do not always have the wellbeing of the younger audience in mind. In America today advertisements negatively influence American youths’ happiness, self-image, and health. Through advertisements kids learn that in order to have value and worth they need materialistic possessions. Advertisements ingrain in children from an early age that buying the company’s products will give them the happiness they long for. Because ads exist to coax people to buy what a company sells, they often try to persuade their viewers that their

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