Negative Effects Of Advertising In Advertising

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Today, it is normal to see alcohol commercials being played on TV and plastered all over billboards. The ads portray drinking in a positive way, when in truth, the impact alcohol has on society and the health issues involved around younger people drinking in New Zealand should be brought to light. Drinking is a part of New Zealand’s historic culture but it is also a growing problem. Is the media doing anything to help? If it is illegal to sell smokes next to lollies in the dairy, is it unethical to sell alcohol next to fruit and vegetables in supermarkets?
Alcohol has been in the media since 1981, although individual brands were not allowed to advertise until 1991. Alcohol is everywhere, whether it is up on billboards when you are walking down the street or in magazines sold at your local bookstore; and mostly, it is shown on television in your own home. The way the large corporations broadcast their advertising to attract younger customers is unethical as in New Zealand it is illegal to consume alcohol if you are under the age of 18. These big brands are making younger kids their target market. The media uses advertisements such as the ‘Coruba Rum’ advert to make drinking alcohol look like a positive thing. This ad makes it appear that to have a good time you need alcohol. Its ads such as these which show, parties on golden sand beaches, with people pouring numerous amounts of shots and a DJ playing popular music; that have made the average alcohol intake of kids aged 14

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