Negative Effects Of Advertising On Children

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Advertising has greatly impacted the youth in the United States. It can impact them both positively and negatively. However, a lot of the time advertising affects kids negatively. There are three ways kids could be affected by advertising could be health issues, addictions and behaviors. The first way children can be affected negatively by advertising, are major health issues. Advertising can cause health issues because most advertisements, commercialize foods that are “mesmerizing” to children. Nonetheless, these foods they advertise are unhealthy and leads to more children being obese in the U.S. In the article, “Target market: children as consumers,” the author states, “Eighty-three percent of the advertisements were for convenience foods, fast foods, candy, and soft drinks, compared to only 2% for fruits and vegetables.” This piece shows that they advertise junk food that 's unhealthy and young people are still eating it which can lead to health problems. Another way it negatively impacts kids is when children are obese because of these foods and get a poor self esteem and body image. Also, in the article, “Target market: children as consumers,” the author wrote, “Commercialism is a factor in many of the public health and social problems facing children today childhood obesity, discontent about body image, and eating disorders.” This piece shows the different causes of watching the advertisements and being persuaded to be unhealthy or eat things that might get you other
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