Essay On The Negative Effects Of Advertising On Children

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ANTHONY gooden 6/7 Foreman 2018 Have you ever thought of the negative impact advertising has on kids? I don’t think so or have you. an average child is exposed to a tv or game for up to 6 hours or more which show at least 78 ads in those six hours or more. These advertisements are the reason some people don’t have cable. this shows kids things that show food kid should not eat but adverters hide the truth about there food this is where health issues come in. Advertisements with some food advertisements tries grabbing kids attention that want and want and want this is how they make more money. But health issues follow in such as obesity,depression,anxiety form advertisements and diabetes,some diseases or shorter life’s think about if you were one of these kid or teen you would not be happy so work together and make a change in the world.Foreman advertising negatively impacts children’s physical health.…show more content…
Most commercials advertise addictive items like toy more big food group like mega burger. Or adding a toy alongside with unhealthy food damage people’s life like giving diabetes.doing this helps the get people to buy their products without telling the truth, but the nuggets or something that’s very unhealthy like that by using lie like a food is made of 100p meat to cover people and the kids they have like over time they beg and beg until they get then they get addicted to the food and always ask for it. In our book it talks about how people like to ask 9 times before quitting by ask for fast food or a new game over time builds an addiction and keep asking and never stop until they get what they want. So if you listen and still say no it won’t stop till it happens like a tornado won’t stop till it ends its path of terror and this will happen until you give in you one day you have
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