Negative Effects Of Advertising On Consumer Attitudes

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Rania Ehab Sayed Ibrahim Mohamed Mohamed 1 Dr. Soad Khalil English 102 24 Nov 2014 Advertisements: The Negative Influence of Advertising On the Viewer’s Attitudes: A Research Outline I. Abstract II. Introduction A. Attitudes are generally positive or negative evaluation of an individual toward a person, object, event, place and things. a. Attitudes consist of three components 1. Cognition 2. Affect 3. Behavior B. Factors affecting consumer attitudes a. Social factor b. Psychological Factor c. Personal Factors C. Advertisement is a non-personal communication that is used to encourage, persuade, or manipulate the audience Mohamed 2 D. Role of Ads a. Advertisements are trying to give better opportunities in life to customers b. Ads…show more content…
The attitudes formed about a product or services will affect the costumers’ decision making; whether to buy the product or not. E. Research question: a. In what ways do ads affect people’s attitudes? E- Thesis statement: Although there are some positive effects of ads on people, it also has serious negative effects on their expenditure patterns, self-esteem and life style. III- Literature Review A. Life style a. “Lifestyle Marketing: Reaching the New American Consumer” by Ronald D. Michman , Edward M. Mazze and Alan James Greco b. “Contemporary Ideas and Research in Marketing” by Ebad Biag et al B. Self esteem a. “A Theory Of Self-Esteem” by Alicia D. Cast and Peter J. Burke b. “Launch! Advertising and Promotion in Real Time” by Michael R. Solomon, Lisa Duke Cornell and Amit Nizan c. “Consumer Behavior “by Deborah J. Macinnis and Wayne D. Hoyer Mohamed 3 F. Expenditure a. “How Advertising Manipulates Your Choices and Spending Habits” by Adam Dachis b. “ Consumer Behavior “ by Deborah J. Macinnis and Wayne D. Hoyer IV- Research Methods The research applies the Triangulation Research Method A. Historical data: Important sources B. Interview: a. Dr. Rasha el Naggar , PHD Marketing,…show more content…
Evidence: According to my survey the expenditure ranked in the third level among the other effects b. Sub idea 2: Advertisements have negative effect which is wasting money. 1. Evidence : Rich people don’t make up a large portion of any population , but they are the ones with money to spend, they always see ads, decide if they want the product and then they go buy it, it has very little effect on their wallet. 2. Evidence: Dr.Rasha el Naggar believes that Purchasing the product with different features is not wasting for money, but purchasing product with the same features twice is wasting of money 3. Evidence: 57.14% of the survey respondents agreed that they buy an item just because of ads c. Sub idea 3: Another factor influencing viewer’s attitudes is social status. Mohamed 8 1. Evidence: according to "Contemporary Ideas and Research in Marketing" 42.1% males and 50% females agree about they felt an urge for high status after watching ads, this means females feel more urge than males for high status 2. Evidence: 20% of the survey respondents believe that Commercials on luxurious products make people feel frustrated about social status. d. Sub idea 3: One of the factors that affect expenditure is

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