Negative Effects Of Advertising On Teenagers

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Discover how Advertising has affected teenagers, how advertising included itself in most of our daily aspects, how teenagers respond to certain advertisements, and what impact do advertising have on children and how can we limit the negative effects of advertising on young people.  How advertisements included itself in most of our daily aspects?  How  How advertising is effective on teenagers?  What impact does advertising have on children?  How advertising can negatively affect the younger generation?  What ways can limit the negative effects of advertising? Introduction Advertising plays a big role in our life. It is everywhere around us nowadays, we hear it on the radio, see it while we drive and watch it when we get home on our televisions, laptops and phones. Statistics show that Americans spend 250 billion hours watching television every year. As indicated by the California State University at Northridge, advertisements take over 30 percent of all TV broadcasts. Advertisers use a wide…show more content…
An example of a negative effect is the effect it has on one’s health; drug advertising is a major point, pharmaceutical companies often falsely advertise their products in order to make as much profit as possible. They usually fail to mention side effects as well as allergens that are associated with their products and eventually leading to negatively affecting the patients’ well-being. Another example is obesity. It is clear that teenagers nowadays are gaining a lot of weight. Advertisements influence individuals to either consume more food or consume a less solid eating routine that could harm their diet intake . The reason for those two conditions is either beauty advertisements or fast food advertisements. Both of those topics are very sensitive to teens from both genders males and females, that’s why these kind of advertisements have a strong impact on

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