Negative Effects Of Advertising

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Negative effects of advertising in the US.
If you turn on a TV or a computer screen today, most likely you will be greeted with some form of commercial advertising. If you try to wait for a train, a trolley or a bus, chances are your eyes will catch the billboard, bright neon sign displaying some sort of product or a service, you might be even” lucky” to catch a ride in a taxi cab with the back seat TV tuned on to keep your attention occupied and wondering if that Hair Care product by Revlon, conveyed to you from that TV, might really be a good present for your wife or a girlfriend for an upcoming Valentine’s Day.
Is that so? The others might argue that all this fluff ads are just a distraction or annoyance and we all can do just fine without. Others might oppose it. After all, advertising is a necessary part of marketing, helps companies deliver the information to the end user- consumer. Advertising is a vital portion of our free market economy. You cannot exist without it. How else will you be able to choose what sausages to buy in the supermarket or what souse to put on your freshly made salad in the morning.
The debate is on, and after reading in class articles it can be well assured that there is a problem. A problem which goes well beyond just an annoyance and mind’s attention destruction, it involves much more important spheres of our lives, in our country. Commercial advertising has gained a solid foot in almost every aspect of everyday living with devastating
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