Negative Effects Of Air Pollution

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The fumes such as CO2, CO, SO2, NOx, Pb, CH4, emitted through the combustion of motor fuel, deplete the air quality. Human activities: Pollution is derived from household chores mainly cooking. Using fuel in cooking generates harmful fumes that can cause local pollution to family, even the neighbors. c. Negative impacts of air pollution Air pollution poses serious health hazards for the human. Accordingly, it is notorious for causing acute diseases such as acute lower respiratory infections, sepsis (blood inflammation) which, if in critical condition, can lead to death. At a lower level, the symptoms are depression, dizziness, convulsion affecting heart and lung. And, chronic diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, skin inflammation, nervous disorder, and etc. Based on the 2016 latest report from the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution resulted in about 6.5 million deaths with 3 million cases showed a link to ambient air pollution (outdoor air pollution) in 2012. The greatest number is recorded in West-Pacific and Southeast Asia, including Vietnam. Professor. Dr. Do Quang Ngoc (National Institute of Ophthalmology) said that the hospital has admitted that many cases were diagnosed with inflammation of the eyes and the cornea (keratitis). Therefore, the doctor asks people have to protect their eyes when going out, especially those directly work in the polluted environment. In addition, people

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