Air Pollution In Ho Chi Minh City Essay

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The fumes such as CO2, CO, SO2, NOx, Pb, CH4, emitted through the combustion of motor fuel, deplete the air quality.
Human activities: Pollution is derived from household chores mainly cooking. Using fuel in cooking generates harmful fumes that can cause local pollution to family, even the neighbors.
c. Negative impacts of air pollution
Air pollution poses serious health hazards for the human. Accordingly, it is notorious for causing acute diseases such as acute lower respiratory infections, sepsis (blood inflammation) which, if in critical condition, can lead to death. At a lower level, the symptoms are depression, dizziness, convulsion affecting heart and lung. And, chronic diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary
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Dr. Do Quang Ngoc (National Institute of Ophthalmology) said that the hospital has admitted that many cases were diagnosed with inflammation of the eyes and the cornea (keratitis). Therefore, the doctor asks people have to protect their eyes when going out, especially those directly work in the polluted environment. In addition, people who live in adversely air pollution areas are prone to suffer from stomach ache, pulmonary diseases, diarrhea by contaminating sources of food.
A new report on “Real Air pollution in Ho Chi Minh City” from the branch of Environmental Protection, part of Natural Resources and Environment Department showed that atmospheric pollution in Ho Chi Minh city has been getting worse, chiefly by exhaust emission from transportation and industry such as traffic vehicles (about 2.4 million motorcycles and more than 241 thousand different types of vehicles in use in Ho Chi Minh City), production activities, construction works, and the growth of population.
As a result, dust concentration in the air in Ho Chi Minh City is always above the allowed level, especially in hot
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Over 220,000 deaths were related to lung cancer caused by air pollution in 2010, according to the latest date from IARC.
A direct strike to children:
Air pollution causes the hazardous impact on human health. The most vulnerable group is children, especially children under the age of five because they are in growth and development stages. By this reason, children are totally passive to harmful environment impacts which are partly caused by adult activities. Therefore, we should pay more efforts to mitigate air pollution impacts for the sake of the safety of our family.
Apart from health impacts, air pollution also leads to repercussions to biodiversity and ecosystems, contributing global climate changes with more severe weather incidents, acid rain, ozone depletion, the greenhouse effect and so on. In general, because of negative direct influence on our living environment, it is imperative for us to address this issue.
d. Solution:
Vietnam has deployed air quality control and management to tackle this problem. In spite of some improvements, limitations still

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