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What is beauty? The perfectly arched eyebrows you just drew? Perhaps that really pretty messy bun you just did up? Or maybe it’s the cute outfit you wore two days ago? The pressure to meet beauty expectations starts to grow on people — women and teenagers in particular. The term “beautiful” is constantly being hurled at us, as the media suffocates us with images of anorexic models, changing our perceptions and definitions of the word, and using photoshopped versions of reality to tell us what we should aspire to be. Unfortunately, many young people especially, will be influenced by what the media depicts as beautiful, resulting in detrimental effects. The notion of beauty in today’s world has been misinterpreted to mean: doe-eyes, sharp noses,…show more content…
One day in mid February, the school nurses called me up after my health screening. “Hello, this is the school nurse, we recently took your height and weight…” oh no what do they want with me. “… called up because you’re severely underweight and we strongly advise you to book an appointment with the Health Promotion Board for a full body health screening. We feel it’s best that we monitor your health for the next year or so.” Ugh it’s genetic okay it’s not my fault I’m severely underweight! I was told I was “undernourished”. I ended up having to follow a diet plan they custom-made for me. I hated it. The way I looked, the diet plan, the constant mockery and all the “babe, just eat a burger or something”. It affected my self-esteem tremendously and my confidence gradually diminished. I felt small. Fourteen. Growing up, I used to love swimming. But after becoming more conscious of my body, I noticed the faint outlines of my ribs poking out, and my hip bones, which weren’t any less prominent, protruding from under my swimsuit. I noticed these flaws, something I had never taken much notice of before, all at once. Eventually I stopped swimming altogether because I was embarrassed about what others would think of me if they saw

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