Negative Effects Of Being A College Athlete

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From a young age majority of children are often encouraged to participate in sports,while roughly only half continue to play sports competitively throughout adolescence. The individuals who remain dedicated and play with passion, drive and skills may be given the chance to pursue their desired sport at the collegiate level. Collegiate athletes are often able to maximize their college experience because they are given more opportunities than the typical student. These opportunities range from traveling, gaining transferable skills, and receiving both good coaching and equipment. Starting college can be daunting, however, playing for a team already provides one with a support network to ensure a positive experience. These opportunities, skills, and friendships can aid in benefiting ones time during and after college.…show more content…
While participating in varsity athletics one runs the potential risk of becoming injured, which could then negatively impact ones college experience. Vigorous training sessions will often push bodies to the limits, and classes will require students to become responsible for higher level learning. Without efficient time management skills these tasks could potentially lead to an immense amount of stress on the student athlete. Stress can than easily affect many parts of an athletes life; little sleep, poor nutrition, suffering grades or performance. In essence, engaging in college athletics could possibly negatively or positively impact a student athletes life. This depends however depends on both the individuals needs and
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