Negative Effects Of Being A Pet Peeve

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“Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test...consists of its attitude toward those who are at its mercy; animals”. This quote by Milan Kundera summarizes the idea that animals and their well being are constantly being placed in the hands of humans.The relationship between animals and humans is often times abused and not taken seriously. Too many people forget how common and prevalent animal abuse is, even in our own community. Poor treatment of pets should be a pet peeve to everyone because it affects their health, it affects their emotional state, and it is a self chosen responsibility.
Poor treatment of pets should be a pet peeve to everyone because it affects their health. Pet owners who leave their animals outside or in parked cars
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If you have had a pet before you know that animals display a wide range of emotions that are identified by their body language. In CBS’s news article “Pets Emotions: There to See”, Veterinarian Debbye Turner says that dogs and cats display happy, submissive, playful, aggressive, and territorial emotions. Neglect and lack of attention can have a very negative effect on a pet’s life. A quote by Paw Mane Fin’s article on animal abuse explains that “your pet is not a human; you cannot effectively communicate why you are hitting them”. Physical abuse can create emotional instability in animals and make them confused and depressed. Animals can sense anger in their owners that can lead to stress and anxious habits that can further anger their owners. Stopping this vicious circle and not using anger to discipline a pet will make them much happier and healthier . Showing your pet love and affection positively affects their physical and mental health. Pets emotions are very critical to their well being and should be made a priority to any pet…show more content…
According to the Insurance Information Institute, around 70-80 million dogs and 75-80 million cats are owned in the US. Each of these pet owners have taken on a huge responsibility, one that unfortunately not all of them will uphold. Prioritizing work, social life, or family activities above the needs of your pet is restricting them from receiving the best care possible. Owning an animal can sometimes be a part time job and is not to be taken lightly. “Pets need to be exercised both physically and mentally”, according to an article by Paw Mane Fin. Denying your pet these essential things is unfair and shows that you are not owning up to your responsibilities as a pet

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