Negative Effects Of Broken Family

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“As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.” – Pope John Paul II As soon as we step in this world, the first individuals we come across is our family. In fact, one Hispanic-American philosopher named George Santayana said “The family is one of nature's masterpieces.” (Reason in Society, 1905 retrieved from first person is the mother who has taken great pain to bring us to the world and the father who is always there to provide care and security. A sacred scripture like the Bible also speaks of the love that can be found in the family, wherein children are taught knowledge and morals (Catholic Education Resource Center Education [CERS], 2005). Family is more than…show more content…
With continuous research that mainly involves effects to individuals from separated parents, life satisfaction is one area that needs to focus on as according to Hosseinkhanzadeh and Taher (2012) it is the foundation of well-being hence equivalent to increasing quality and meaningful life. It is the fundamental component of optimism and positive outlook to reach one’s goal like anyone’s dream in life – Success. Furthermore, one research stated that studies of individuals from broken homes’ optimal being, as reflected by sense of over-all life satisfaction and with its spheres like family, friends, self and school has been scant (Antaramian, 2008). Furthermore, studies on life satisfaction are generated only on comparative studies with complete and incomplete families like broken homes (Sepahmansour & Bayat, 2011 and Antaramian, 2008). With life satisfaction of adolescents from broken homes remains inadequate and focuses mainly on comparing them with intact or complete families, the researcher wanted to focus on individuals from non-intact family like that of broken homes alone primarily to understand them better and in-depth as they are usually the ones that portrays negative effects and consequences based on previous researches and studies. With that mentioned, the researcher attempted to study adolescents from broken homes’ life satisfaction. This contributed to other researchers that focus mainly on life satisfaction of adolescents from broken homes and will further promote them with positive attitude and values, hence, leading to success in
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