Negative Effects Of Cell Phones On Teenagers

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Cell phones have easily changed the life of teenagers since the 90s. Wherever you go, you’ll see teens on their cell phones. This will become a serious problem going forward in life for everyone. Parents will be more cautious, and all teens will beg for a phone. Today, it’s a huge debate on whether or not cell phones are a positive or a negative affect on teens. (Panther Prowler) Many things can be said on why they are overly reliant of their phones. Here are some of the biggest concerns.
One of the biggest topics is that teens now have access to anything that’s on the internet. If they can’t find something that they are looking up, they will just look it up on the internet to figure it out. This can become bad because that means that they
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59% of parents say that their children are way too addicted to their cell phones. Cell phone usage this bad can lead to losing their jobs, poor communication skills, and other bad things. Your parents are trying to look out for you so you don’t have these problems growing up, once you leave, it’s gonna go downhill real fast. (SiOWfa15) 37% of teens say it’s way too hard to get off of their cell phones cause there is nothing else to do. You can do all sorts of things without a phone. Sports, hanging out with friends, and a lot of other things you can do without a phone. When a teen says they can’t be without a phone, they are basically saying that they are bored when they aren’t on it and don’t want to do anything else. (SiOWfa15) They say “Without your phone, you feel naked.” If you feel that way, then why do you even bother leaving your house ever? Teens tend to over exaggerate when they talk about not using their phones. This is one of the main reasons why people don’t trust teens with things. When people ask teens if they use their phone a lot, they are seeing how much they can trust them. (SiOWfa15) Education is gonna be a key component in teens’ careers and without the skills they need they will not succeed in life. Almost one third of teens lack the communication skills needed in their future. This is very serious because they will be unemployed if they don’t work on those communication skills soon. Our society needs all the workers as possible in order to improve.
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