Negative Effects Of Cell Phones

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Cell phones are considered one of the most important devices for communication in today’s world. Since the invention of the first phone, we have witnessed monumental changes in the functionalities of cellphones. Most of the cell phones of today’s world have a wide array of functions, from calculating mathematical equations to taking photographs , its capabilities are endless. This has led to us being very dependent on our cellphones. Addiction to cellphone is very common in our modern world , as most people find it very difficult to live without a cellphone . While we can say cellphones have made lives easier immensely, the excessive usage of cell phones have varied effects on us . To begin with ,all cell phones emit waves of certain frequencies…show more content…
Responding to messages at rapid speed can cause pain and inflammation of the joints. Back pain is also common with the increases use of cell phones , especially while holding the phone below the neck .Long periods of cell phone use can force us to arch your neck and hold the body in a strange posture. Positioning the body abnormally can increase stress on muscles , cause fatigue, muscle spasm , back pain and even stress head aches. The postural pain caused by constantly bending your neck increases stress on the rest of the neck over the long term , leading to serious disk and joint problems (Medical Daily - 2013 | Natural news - March…show more content…
Addiction to cell phones has resulted in people preferring the virtual world over the real world . Cell phones have made communication easier to a very large extent . The cell phones of today are not only capable of sending and receiving calls , but can be used for texting , video chatting and many more . In addition to it , people of today 's world , especially teenagers , spend all their time interacting with others through social media sites . This has lead to people preferring the virtual method for communicating and thus killing social interaction. All the personal information of an individual can be easily accessed through social networking sites ,and if accessed by the wrong people , can end up being a serious threat to personal security(Skagitchildrens Museum).Addiction to communication has also lead to multi tasking using the cell phones , causing loss in concentration and leading to accidents of various sorts . Texting and driving is the reason for almost 1.3 million car accidents every year and the number is always on an alarming rise . People also text while walking without paying attention to the oath ahead of them and thus give rise to other potential accidents .( Cellphones have made us dull , lethargic , inefficient and socially inactive .Although the advantages of cell phones are innumerable , the productivity and ease attained precedes the counter productivity. While excessive usage of

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