Effects Of Child Labour Essay

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ABSTRACT Child labor exists because it is the best response people can find in insufferable circumstances. Child labor was employed to different extents through most of history. Neediness and child labor are mutually reinforcing: because their parents are poor, children must work and not go to school, then grow up poor. Child labor has two important special features: First, when financial markets are incomplete, the separation in time between the immediate benefits and long late costs of sending children to work drive to too much child labor. Second, the costs and benefits of child labor are borne by different people. Targeted subsidies for school attendance are very effective in reducing child labor, because they successfully deal with…show more content…
Most other countries have laws regulating child labor as well. But the laws are not always enforced. Starting in 1999, approved more than 160 countries of the International Labor Organization Convention (ILO) to end the worst forms of child labor. (International Labor Organization is part of the United Nations.) The agreement came into force in 2000. According to the International Labor Organization, the number of children working in different parts of the world has declined. However, as of 2006, there were still 218 million child laborers worldwide. 126 million of them were working in hazardous work. ILO also operates the largest program in the world to assist countries in eliminating child

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