Divorced Family Research Paper

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Children also get affected in this way because if the husband is always controlling the money spent, then the children may not get things that they need. If, say, the wife ends up getting a divorce, this affects the children because they may end up homeless for a while until their mother finds some sort of income. They may also change neighborhoods because the mother may not be able to afford the neighborhood they used to live in. The children will be mostly affected because they will lose all their friends, change their lifestyle completely and this may also cause a change in behavior. These children lose everything because of the divorce. Sometimes, divorce is the only solution when dealing with abuse because a woman who is consistently abused…show more content…
If parents are constantly fighting this means that one of them think that they're marriage is over. They may try counseling but it will most probably won't work because one of the thinking of one of the parents. Divorce needs to be thought as a process instead of as a single event that influences people's lives. The negative effects children in divorced families have is not because of divorce but due to exposure to traumatic processes and experiences. During the course of a marriage, one or more marital partners begin to feel alienated from the other. Conflicts with each other and with the children intensify, become more frequent, and often go unresolved. Eventually, they start to resent each other and end up having a divorce. If children see their parents fighting all the time, the children get scarred for life and start to think that fighting is the solution of your problems. What they see at home is what they will be doing at school. This affects a child socially as no one may want to talk to the child because of fear of being…show more content…
It's just curiosity. But parents telling them is not a good idea. Some parents assume that because the child has experienced many of the same events the parent has in that household the child probably knows why the parents had to divorce. Even so, the parent has to find a way to heal the scar that the child has instead of leaving it as it is just because the parents experienced the same thing. Other parents want to protect their children from experiencing or even knowing about unhappy or unpleasant events so they decide to tell them very little about the actual reasons for the divorce. There are parents that tell their children too much about the causes of the divorce. When a parent is hurt they often want someone to talk to, so they talk to their child. This is not necessary, especially if the child is very young because they feel that they have been told that information so they would be against the other parent. Children want their parents to talk to them about the divorce but this has to be to some extent. Every child needs to be told something that they can handle, depending on their age and maturity. Children will always want to know the truth so that is the best thing to do instead of getting caught in a lie. They will find out if you are lying eventually and this will only confuse the child about the real reasons of the divorce. Lies about the divorce will also cause doubt to your other statements
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