Waste Water Treatment Research Paper

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2. Introduction
In the recent years, wastewater treatment has been a matter of major concern due to increased demand of water for its varied uses. Water is a universal solvent and is vital in the transportation of a range of molecules in an organism and in the ecosystem however, it is also known to be a carrier of pathogens (Sayed et al.). Usage of clean water has significant roles in domestic, industrial, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries hence it is detrimental that the water is free of microorganisms and does not spread diseases. Water is in continuous circulation and hence microorganisms can enter it through organic wastes, soil, dead plants etc. (Brooke et al.). It is found that 80% of the diseases in developing nations such as
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(Gupta G. et al.). The wastewater undergoes treatment in water treatment plants before it is released into the environment as per laws and regulations established by the government that allows the release of the water into natural water bodies only after it has achieved the minimum levels of all the parameters. It is vital that the treatment systems are effective since the treated wastewater will be under continuous circulation in the water cycle once they enter natural water bodies (Gupta V. et…show more content…
Degradation of AF would release several beneficial biomolecules in simpler forms that could potentially have antibacterial activity against clinical pathogens and MDROs (Ramani et al.). Antibacterial strategies against MDROs target specific intermediates in a metabolic pathway and interfere with the process in order to stop the pathway and hence limit the effect of the pathogenic cell. This could be bactericidal or bacteriostatic through modes of action such as inhibition of cell wall synthesis, cell membrane synthesis, protein synthesis, nucleic acid synthesis and secondary metabolite synthesis (Gupta G. et

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