Negative Effects Of Colonism And Christianism

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According to Edusa-Eyison these European missionaries did not respect the people’s culture as “everything Africa was primitive, pagan, fetish, and heathen in the eyes of Europe.” Hence, Africans were told that in order to become Christians they must renounce their cultural practices and accept that of the Europeans (this was a sort of package deal). On Ndigbo axis, Nwosu affirms that “the missionaries adopted a negative attitude that was tantamount to condemnation of disproval of traditional Igbo society.” The adverse effect of this teaching is that it made people develop inferiority complexes concerning their cultural identity. This is because they now believe that in order to be a Christian, one must jettison his/her culture since they are thought to be “barbaric” and “heathen”. According to Schreiter all these “have undermined African Christians in two ways: by demeaning their own sense of worth and dignity as Africans.” The question to be asked then is whether the missionaries were really Christianizing or Westernizing the African people. One will have to say that they were Westernizing more than Christianizing and they might have done this consciously or unconsciously but the fact is that they identified European culture with Christianity. It is obvious from the fruits of their works that they imposed Western culture on the African people and their culture, resulting in their denial of their cultural heritage. For some of these early missionaries a bit of “white
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