Negative Effects Of Columbus Day

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Columbus finding America brought many positive and negative impacts to the world. Columbus day is a holiday in the United States that celebrates Christopher Columbus finding the new world otherwise known as America. As Columbus’s findings affected people worldwide it should be an International Holiday. Although, the Vikings were the first to discover America, Columbus was the first to communicate his findings. The Vikings were an insular group of people. Therefore, when they found America, they wanted to keep the land to themselves. On the other hand, when Columbus while looking for a new route to China, without passing through the Ottoman empire they discovered America. Columbus immediately told others of his findings. That started a new worldwide network of trading which included new raw materials from America such as wood and fur. Furthermore, trade introduced new diseases to new parts of the world causing millions of deaths. Although, these diseases such as polio killed millions in the old world. Trade from old to new world brought about the Columbian Exchange. The Columbian Exchange was…show more content…
Native Americans are the group of people who are native to America. Moreover, Native Americans were killed by the new diseases brought by the Europeans colonizing America. In addition, Native Americans were also relocated when the Europeans desired the land the Natives were on. Although, the Europeans relocated and killed Native Americans. They were often given large expanses of land and were by treaty relieved of any taxation till perpetuity. All in all, Columbus Day should become an international holiday because Columbus finding America revolutionized the way of life in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. It is hard to imagine our current world order without the imprint of the countries which now compose of North
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