Negative Effects Of Communism On Russia

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Effects of Communism on Russia

The twentieth century witnessed a great clash of social ideologies. While western countries remained with capitalism, a wave of new ideas sprouted in the east: Communism. Following a power struggle in the Soviet Union after Lenin’s death, the notorious Stalin took power. Gaining his power through force and fear, Stalin alone forever influenced the Soviet Union with his ideals, forming it to what we saw during the cold war, and what we see in current day Russia. Stalin’s power stems from his autocratic power and strict policies. And from these policies, Stalin damaged the Soviet Union forever. Communism has forever damaged Russia, as millions of innocents died under its rule, with millions repressed, and its political environment in shambles. Most prominent, the policies placed under the Soviet Union led to the deaths of millions of innocents. Most deaths were caused by either artificial famines, or executions. To remove any potential opposition to the Communist Party,” four hundred thousand members were expelled from the Communist Party [in 1993]. By 1936 and 1937, the purge of the Communist Party was associated with widespread executions” (Stock). Along with the executions of party officials, many peasants living in rural areas were also condemned. In its attempt to control the masses, “Millions of kulaks were shot or sent to labor camps. In the Ukraine, South Russia, and Kazakhstan” (“Joseph Stalin”). Further, the government’s complete
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