Negative Effects Of Computer Essay

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Many jobs today are based on spending hours and hours on computers The computer is an important tool for many different jobs and activities, for adults, teenagers and even children. However, using a computer for long periods of time can increase the chance of developing an injury. If the computer is used inappropriately, muscle and joint pain can develop, and overuse of the computer can cause injuries all the way from the shoulder to the hand, including the arm and wrist. It can also affect the eyes as they become strained. With most jobs now using computers this is affecting a wide sphere of people, who are currently spending eight or more hours a day, five days a week on the computers. What this means is that they are continually…show more content…
For examples, the US government found that computer related health problems has caused high costs to employers reflected in people taking sick leave( absenteeism), which leads to a loss in productivity, but also direct costs are incurred for health care and worker’s compensation. In the US, around seventy million people see doctors each year because of computer-related health problems. In 1999, nearly 1 million people were on sick leave to recover from computer-related pain. The US government estimates that the annual cost to the economy because of computer-related health problems is between $45 and $54 billion. This is because of direct costs for health care, lost wages, and lost productivity. The costs for insurance costs are over $13.4 billion every year.

From the individual point of view health problems from constant over use of computers can have life changing impacts. Back strain can turn into chronic problems with the back making it difficult to sit down at all, let along for eight hours straight. Similarly wrist and hand strain can become a chronic health problem which prevents the individual worker from using the computers are all. Individuals that experience these chronic problems, usually need to incorporate more exercises, find other means of working or to adopt the most drastic change, that is to change the type of work that they
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