Negative Effects Of Computer Games

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Quick thinking and processing information quickly are some more examples of some cognitive skills that you can acquire from gaming. Another skill that you can improve on is multitasking. In shooting games, the character may be running and shooting several enemies simultaneously. Children who play action-based video games and computer games make decision 25% faster than other children without sacrificing accuracy (UKEssay np). Other studies suggest that most expert-level gamer children can make choices and act on them up to six times a second and four times faster than most people (UKEssay np). They also have the ability to pay attention to more than six things at once without getting confused, compared to only four by the average person (UKEssay np). Video games have found their use in schools, as well as medical professions, and the effects that they have made in these places are extremely significant.…show more content…
Most research by analysts on the impacts of gaming has been on its negative effects. The potential damages are identified with brutality, addiction, and depression. A more balanced point of view is required. One that considers the negative impacts, as well as the advantages of playing video games. Considering these potential advantages is essential, to some degree, since the state of these video games has changed significantly in the past ten years, ending up progressively complex. Research has started to rise, generally over the most recent five years, reporting these benefits (Granic np). Again, examination on this topic has found that the most important beneficial factors of these games in behavior are cognitive, motivational, emotional, and social. Based off of the bits of knowledge from social psychology and media psychology, there is substantial evidence that video games benefit real-world
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