Negative Effects Of Cosmetics

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Since then, cosmetics has been part of the routine body care of many people. These products have had an immense improvement and are also a tool for beautification to the human body. Women used cosmetics to make them feel beautiful and confident. But could it also make them sick? Human beings can be exposed to high level exposure to toxins because of the environmental pollutants that we are exposed in thus, humans can have a heavy metal toxicity. Besides the exposure to environmental pollutants, several consumer products like cosmetics and toiletries contain heavy metals that humans are exposed to. Due to the content of these products, there is a growing awareness to the effects of heavy metal contamination. Some of these cosmetics like lipsticks and sunscreens have metal contents that people are exposed to.
By crushing and heating ingredients, lipsticks were prepared. Heated waxes are further mixed for texture and the hot liquid was placed on a metal mold. This was cooled and then when hardened, it was heated again in flame that creates a glossy appearance. Lipsticks acquire their color from several dyes and pigments. Pink lipsticks like the shades shown in Figure 1 are made through adding titanium dioxide to red shades. Titanium dioxide is described to be white mineral that occurs naturally. It is establish in products like in lipsticks and sunscreens. As it is said earlier it serves as a pigment in lipsticks while in sunscreens as opacifier. Figure 1 Shades of lipstick
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