Racial Discrimination Examples

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Individuals commonly perceive the metaphor to never judge a book by its cover (Sensoy & DiAngelo, 2017, p. 50). This is important because having prejudgment about others based on personal thoughts and opinions will lead to discrimination. Discrimination is defined as individuals who act on their prejudgment towards social others (Sensoy & DiAngelo, 2017, p. 54). Often times, these attitudes form through families ' and friends ' influence who have mentioned such statements. In today 's society, many individuals are lacking an understanding of what discrimination means and how it can negatively impact an individual 's well-being. Moreover, many individuals encounter situations where they feel judgement and looked down upon based on their ethnic background. This can lead to global issues of racial discrimination towards specific groups based on what individuals see or hear. A common practice of cultural…show more content…
As I was one of several Asians who desired to join the basketball team, it was recognizable that others would socialize us with existing perspectives towards Asians. For instance, many of them believed that Asians were nerdy and spent most of their time studying. Therefore, they would make comments regarding our capability and told us to play badminton instead. Talking to the coach did not help as he was very judgmental. This made me frustrated since joining a sports team was a method to help me fit in and gain more confidence in myself. At that point, I approached my parents regarding the situation and they presented me with meaningful advice. They told me it is imperative to never doubt myself and sometimes I need to ignore what others think of me. Additionally, they said sometimes it is difficult to figure out what to say when individuals are judging you. Therefore, I should give my best efforts and prove them wrong by making the basketball

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