Negative Effects Of Dementia On Health

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Dementia The negative impact of dementia on the health and wealth of the world is growing. Dementia is a brain disease that cause a decrease in the ability of one person’s thinking and ability to remember. It affects the person’s daily activity. Dementia is a name or term given to a collaborating disorders characterized by memory imperilment. It makes difficulty in the domains of language, Motor activity and object recognition. It also has a disturbance of on exclusive activities like the ability to plan, organize and abstract. It is an illness of the elderly. ("Dementia/Alzheimer 's Disease”) There are different symptoms of dementia. We cannot say it is dementia for someone with a memory loss. An individual needs to show two types of implement that interferes with day to day life. In addition to reminding the patient might experience difficulty in…show more content…
Elderly people could remember years back, but not the morning. Having trouble in remembering where they place something, what they have to do on a particular day and why they went one room or place. People with dementia struggle with communicating with other people. They have difficulties to explain things. The other sign of dementia could be change in mood. For instance, depression is common in early dementia. Connected with mood change there will be personality shift or change. For example a person who was shy might become outgoing. This will happen because judgment is often affected. They will start losing interest in hobbies or activities. Not being able to complete normal tasks is another sign of early dementia. People with early dementia will show confusion in remembering faces, finding the right words, or interacting with other people. They will struggle in following the story line. They will have difficulty in following directions and step by step instructions. They will repeat things they already did or they will do things repeatedly. (Ellis,

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