Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Effects of divorce In nowadays society, divorce has become a very normal thing in our daily lives. Married couples are getting a divorce due to many different reasons. Most divorces have children that are too young and due to their age they do not have any idea on how to face with the type of situation. Usually children are mostly affected by the actions of their parents. They have to learn to face with divorce of their parents at such a young age, affecting them in a positive or negative way. Actually divorce is not a good thing, sometimes it can create a positive effect on children like children being happy because parents are happy and allowing them to mature. Parents being divided can be good for the kids because they do not have to deal with the parents fighting. If children are put in good and steady environments, the divorce can affect them in positive ways. If parents are contented then the kids are happy, because the children look up to their parents. A good communication skill between parents and children can increase the understandings. However, not every divorce end up well, it depends on the situation of every person in the family. Divorce can be unconstructive causing problems like children losing their self-esteem, not being able to believe anyone, parent favoritism and financial aid for college. Children tend to lose their self-esteem because of they have less contact with their parents. These children are more likely to suffer and have more problems than

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