Negative Effects Of Divorce

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Introduction Divorce has negative consequences which includes the damaged self-esteem. However, when the conflict of parents lasts, the greater the impact is to the child. Many children were traumatized in conflict during divorce. Thus, the separation of husband and wife affects a child’s fear on troubles. To prove this point, the researcher begins with defining what divorce is. Then, he explains if the divorce has a negative impact on children. Lastly, he discusses how self-esteem be damaged by the separation of husband and wife. To give clarity to this research, the researcher uses the following definitions. Separation is ‘the state in which a couple remain married but live apart’ [Oxford Living Dictionaries, 2017]. On the other hand, divorce…show more content…
Some teenagers who are alcoholic drinkers are from broken family. Therefore, children with divorced parents may increase depression symptoms. Children of divorce have difficulties in trusting other people utmost. They feel that relationships do not last longer as they experience the separation of their parents. So, in future, this can result in having a hardship in building intimate relationships. That is why, children should be guided that they are not the cause or reason why their parents separate. Certain children become angry after a divorce of their parents. Usually, anger lasts few weeks or a month. When it lasts two to three months, parents should seek for counselling for their child. If it is not applied, children are most likely to end up with lasting emotional problems. Also, children may become bothered and discomfort in responsive to even brief separations. According to some researchers, divorce can increase the risk of develop heart disease and metabolic disorders. In addition, it is found to have more defects and headaches to the child. Therefore, children can lead to be…show more content…
Children have the right to be cared by his parents because it is their responsibility. As my mother said ‘Parenting a child is difficult but it is our happiness’. Sometimes, parents cannot focus on their child’s needs when emotional turbulence occurs. Parents tend to lessen the attention and support to their child. As the result, children may loss their self-esteem which is a critical development in their emotional aspect. According to some studies, when parents separate, children especially five to ten years old results to be one of the most unlucky persons by the fact that they lose the chance of having a happy family. People cannot blame a child who has no respect, low self-esteem, having a bad attitude, and dealing the world unjustly because we do not know their background. These children might have an ignorance of being a rightful people. They maybe not nourished by their parents well. As well as, they may be spoiled by his secondary parents in a way that he can do what they want to do. In addition, maybe no one teach them which is the right or wrong in terms of many aspects. Therefore, these reasons could be reasonable for the effect of the separation of husband and

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