Negative Effects Of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence occurs between two adults in a relationship that includes one controlling the other, resulting in physical abuse or mental abuse and neglect. Some of the contributing factors that initiate the domestic violence includes being insecure, non-employed, drinking and using drugs. These factors can result in one getting hurt or dying from their inflicted injuries. Furthermore, children can be emotionally and mentally traumatized over the course of events that they witnessed in the home and act out their aggression in school. To break the cycle of domestic violence the individual would have to leave the relationship and seek out help through family, friends, police, medical psychologist. This paper points out how domestic violence can impact a family, and how to cope with the problems resulting from domestic violence. According to Hidrobo and Fernald (2014) when women are victimized in a relationship, they receive mental and emotional problems as a result of intimate partner relationship. To better understand what is going on let’s look at the country of Ecuador cash transfer program, and how it relates to domestic violence. Cash transfer programs depend on a women’s education level to her partner. When a women’s education level is the same or higher than her partner her cash value drops dramatically, and domestic violence occurs less often. When a woman has a lower or the same education level as her partner the violence
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