Negative Effects Of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is one of the most major issues of today 's Lebanese society, as well as all over the world. Domestic violence can be defined as a pattern of behavior that is used in any relationships such as marriage, dating, cohabitation, family, or even friends where the partner uses his power in order to control the others in an abusive behavior through intimidation, fear, physical and emotional attacks. Domestic behavior has many names such as family violence, child beating, women beating, or family abuse. Domestic violence is not specific for certain families; it can happen to any person of any gender, race, or religion. However, this violence mainly faces women and children. According to a study done by the UNICEF association in 2016, three out of four women get abused by their husbands and every hour more than 100 children are being abused too. Also, females aged between 20 to 24 years old are the most victimized by this violence from their partners in Lebanese villages. But till now many women are still beaten up in the cities as well. All of these violent acts are contributed to many factors that will lead to many negative consequences on the society and the persons too. Types of domestic violence:

Domestic violence is a global crime that is being performed in many sorts of abuses. Domestic violence is usually known by being physically attacked from the partner and being beaten up so hardly. This physical violence also involves slapping, kicking, punching, or
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