Negative Effects Of Drug Abuse

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Drug misuse is worldwide issue that has to be discussed due to its effects on clinical and societal aspects. It causes a toxicity all over the body. Drug abuse (DA) has severe and well documented societal consequences. The World Health Organization recommends tracking of population trends for effective responses in treatment of drug abuse and give a proper health care.1 One of the most difficult decisions which government policy makers face are drug abuse treatment programs to pay and where to set reimbursement rates. In a general principle, just the programs that achieve some benefits should be paid, and reimbursement rates should meet the economic cost of service provision, clinical outcomes, and economic benefits. Drug abuse agencies and other payers face difficulty in determining how to pay providers, due to either inadequate or over allocation of resources. Effectiveness and quality of drug abuse treatment is important because of difficult fiscal conditions which run in many countries that require directing limited resources in the most efficient manner. Outcomes of treatment are a good signal of quality and effectiveness since these focus on whether clients have completed their treatments successfully and achieved the wanted results.2 The Institute of Medicine sets three programs for orientations that guide treatment strategies: physiological (addiction is a progressive disease that requires medical treatment including the use of pharmacotherapy), psychological

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