Negative Effects Of Ecotourism

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1. According to the article, what are the positive and negative impacts of ecotourism development? According to the article, the positive impact of ecotourism development is generates money from natural environments by encouraging tourists to visit and during their stay pay for items like entrance fees, accommodation and transportation. For example, a group of Vietnamese travels to another country for the purpose of exploring ecotourism industry. It will enhance the country’s economic due to the tourists come in from another country. Beside that, ecotourism can contribute to the economy in long term especially to the local communities due to the natural resources while achieving energy savings. It benefits the local communities by offering…show more content…
Tourists in a delicate ecosystem loose contamination and the impact that may result in unforeseen ways environment. For example, highland tourism is regarded as one of the increasing prospects to accelerate growth in the tourism industry in Malaysia. Therefore, there are numerous of tourist attractions located in the country, which would attract more tourists to visit the destination. It would pollute the destination because the tourists will be high possibility to left the rubbish behind. However, the negative effects also exist, such as the traditional cultural symbols into commodities for sale to tourists, local people and the high incidence of crime between the destruction of pre-existing…show more content…
Moreover, it can also make up for the latest information and provides research on eco tourism market, and to strengthen through the most effective channels, including online forums and groups, websites, social media access them, mailing lists, in more remote areas, radio broadcasting. Nowadays, online and social media are very common and convenient for everyone. It brings benefit for people and is the fastest way to get information. It definitely will raise the level of knowledge by spreading the ecotourism in social media. Beside that, working with the media and use it an effective educational tool for promoting accurate and informative reporting of ecotourism, avoiding green washing, improve the image of the industry, and to encourage adhere to the principle of ecotourism. By promoting throughout advertisement, it will provide information for people to know more about ecotourism in order to improve their future education for the ecotourism among the residents in study

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